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Innovation must answer the call to address one of the most pressing issues affecting the environment–eliminating material waste.

Taki2Go is radically rethinking not only how to eliminate wasteful, single-use containers, but how to find solutions for the food industries that rely on them.

Now, more than ever, we understand the convenience for and dependence of consumers and businesses on these products. 

Reduce Harmful
Material Waste

Implement Reusable

Promote Green

Taki2Go has revolutionized a win-win-win system for consumers, for businesses, and for the environment.

Problems Worth Solving

While recycling and manufacturing compostable materials are worthy efforts, they have not proven to be a sustainable option.

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Recycling is now deemed ineffective. Only 9% of recyclable materials are actually recycled here in the US.

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Plastic waste

Single-use food containers are part of 11 million tons of plastic waste entering our ocean and landfills every year.

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Methane Gas

Biodegradable / compostable food containers produce methane gas during breakdown which is up to 20 times more harmful than carbon, thus accelerating climate change.

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Paper and plastic make up 35.25% of all material waste produced in 2018. That’s 103 million tons.

Who We Are Working With

Our Target Market

Our research shows that consumers and the food industry are eager to find ways to reduce waste and go green. This willingness along with the convenient opportunity to act with Taki2Go can change the culture. With Taki2Go, they will be a part of the bigger movement to reduce waste. 






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Everything we innovate today has to be about eliminating material waste. Taki2Go was founded on this idea. Join us. 

Let’s do our part.

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